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How To Fight Job Search-Related Mental Stress 

Job searching is still a stressful exercise even with technological advances that are designed to make it simpler and easier. 

Even the brightest candidates with sound qualifications and experience struggle to find jobs that align with their skills and values. From a mental health perspective, t...

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How Your Diet Affects You
Unsurprisingly, your diet can have many effects on you, even beyond just your physical health. A poor diet is more critical to our body than many people realize and your diet affects you in ways that you don’t even think about. 

A poor diet can be directly responsible for several deadly diseases...

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5 Ways To Manage Your Stress

Today, many people value hard work to the point of exhaustion, and they can end up getting burned out. While it may seem valiant to work long days and you feel like you’re getting a lot done, it can have adverse effects on your ​health​. This can affect your overall productivity&...

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Tips to balance college and work

Balancing a job and college can be quite difficult. Whether you have a full-time job and are taking class on the side or you're a full-time student trying to make some extra cash every week, finding the right balance is tough. The good news is that the rules to succeed are similar for both cases. A...

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How COVID affects your mental health

For the past year, most people have been adjusting to new lifestyles. Everyone has become accustomed to lockdowns, restricted travel, and extreme boredom. And all that can take a toll on your mental health. Last year, mental health issue prevalence rose and it's no coincidence that i...

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