How To Fight Job Search-Related Mental Stress 

24.02.24 05:50 PM Comment(s)

Job searching is still a stressful exercise even with technological advances that are designed to make it simpler and easier. 

Even the brightest candidates with sound qualifications and experience struggle to find jobs that align with their skills and values. From a mental health perspective, the process is daunting because it requires a lot of patience, constant adjustments, endless networking, and dealing with no after no before a yes is even possible. It is no wonder that job seekers struggle with anxiety and self-doubt. 

There is hope, however. It is possible to avoid letting stress get the best of you. Planning, managing expectations, and self-care can help everyone get through the job-hunting process. Here are some tips and ideas to consider: 

Plan & Organize

Any task can be managed efficiently with good planning. Make a list of jobs available in the market for which you qualify and keep updating it. Instead of applying to each of them, shortlist the jobs that are the best fits. Systematically organize and save details of each job to avoid wasting time when in rush to respond to any correspondence from the recruiter or hiring manager. Your planning and organizing skills can go a long way in making a strong impression on recruiters and hiring managers. 

The Art of the Resume 

Your resume speaks for you before you can speak for yourself. Have multiple versions of your resume for different types of job roles. If necessary, tweak the resume for every job you apply for. Remember, you don’t always have to list experiences chronologically. For example, it is fine to list the most relevant experience first. For jobs, don’t just list your duties but focus on highlighting accomplishments in a quantifiable way so it becomes clear how you can make a difference. Review other’s resumes and consult with others like a resume consultant, mentor, or industry expert. You can also check out a few websites which assist you in building strong resumes. 

Treat Job Hunt as a Job 

Schedule your day as you would a workday. Begin your job search activities in the morning and stop by the end of the day (like office hours). Make it a policy to only be on LinkedIn during working hours and don’t forget to take a lunch break. Socialize with family and friends, exercise, run errands, and do all the activities which you normally would avoid feeling like you are unemployed. These best practices will help you stay focused and recharge for the next day. You can also resort to side hustle to keep yourself occupied and maybe take off the financial burden to some extent. This would also prevent you from giving in to the pressure and setting for a not so desired job. 

Keep Learning & Networking 

It can be a good idea to sign up for certifications while you are job hunting. Companies are constantly looking for individuals who are open to new learning. Upgrading your skills to the latest trends can give you an edge. Certifications also pave your way towards a smoother career switch. Get in touch with people in your professional network to learn about how your industry is evolving, what is important to learn, and to seek referrals.

Know Your Triggers 

No one knows you like you. Remember, you will not be able to fool yourself. So, beware of the triggers that lead to anxiety. Do not let yourself get down because job hunting is like a marathon, not a sprint. Create emotional buffers to overcome such emotional meltdowns. Identify the positive triggers and people that can uplift you when you are facing adversity. Rely on them but most importantly, believe in yourself. Our jobs define our identity, and it is true for most of us. If things are not going well, keep an open mind. Perhaps you should explore starting a business or volunteering some time to learn new skills. Do not forget that there is something out there that you will be great at. 

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