Benefits Of Networking For Professional Growth

28.02.24 08:52 PM Comment(s)

"Networking" is a widely used term by professionals and entrepreneurs at various levels. It usually means connecting and socializing with new people from your industry or others that could influence your industry's ecosystem. The factor that differentiates it from social networking is the intent of mutual benefit through the exchange of ideas, information, and recent developments in the industry.

When used wisely, professional networking can help in recruiting employees, build connections within employer networks, establish relationships with recruiters, build credibility with investors, and even foster meaningful life-long friendships. It also helps in identifying multiple opportunities and acquiring knowledge about changing industry trends and norms so that you can continue to shape and advance your career.

Some of the key benefits of professional networking are listed below:

Makes you proactive

The corporate world is dynamic and constantly evolving. Well-channeled networks both inside your workplace and other professional platforms, keep you updated with first-hand information about current events, giving you sufficient time to react to changes and even become an early adopter when necessary.

Job Seekers Tool

Networking makes you more noticeable to recruiters who are frequently seeking talented professionals for their companies. Also, research has shown that around 70% of job opportunities are not published in public domains.  They are actually filled through networking connections. Furthermore, a good network gets you referrals which improves your chances of landing your dream job.

Professional Growth

As a working professional, you are expected to stay updated with ever-changing industry standards and best practices. Having a vast network ensures that you always stay in the know and ahead of your peers. Apart from employment, networking provides credibility among investors, begins to establish your thought leadership chops, and can be critical to the discovery process of starting your own venture.

Exchange of Ideas

A vibrant network fosters the sharing of ideas to sustain long-term relationships and mutual trust. As there is always room for improvement, techniques, and tools for better performance are always out there on the market. Professional networks provide access to this pool of information to establish best practices in and out of work.

Mental Well Being

The constant chase of professional goals and mounting pressure to outperform yourself can be overwhelming. As the time spent working increases, developing work friendships prove beneficial in reducing stress. As this short story illustrates, the friends you make through these professional networks can become a part of your life in the long run. Moreover, the workplace itself can become enjoyable when you are friends with your colleagues as you pursue passions and dreams together.

Despite the proven advantages of networking, some professionals might find it difficult to engage with strangers in the first go. However, making an effort in this direction has become easier due to the presence of online networking platforms like LinkedIn where you can first e-meet a person and then take it forward from there. Signing up for professional groups or communities too can help break the ice.

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