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Why Is Defynance The Best Option to Eliminate Student Debt

Student loan borrowers have looked to student loan refinancing as a measure to reduce their financial burden. However, refinancing existing student loans with a lower interest rate may lower the financial burden to some degree but it does not eliminate the inherent danger of debt that manifests duri...

23.06.22 07:54 PM - Comment(s)
Do ISAs Have a Racial or Gender Bias? New Study Suggests the Answer is “No!” 

Last week, an organization called Jobs for the Future (JFF) released the results of a statistical study they undertook to investigate whether or not Income Share Agreements (ISAs) reflect either a racial or gender bias in the distribution of their use. The report concluded that there is no bias in t...

25.04.22 11:39 PM - Comment(s)

Traditionally, refinancing means paying off one loan and replacing it with another loan but hopefully with lower payments or a lower interest rate. Now student loan borrowers have an even better option that can eliminate their student loans and get them affordable payments: the Defynance Income Shar...

30.03.22 12:30 AM - Comment(s)