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There are probably few people that would say dealing with financial insecurity is fun. Indeed, financial insecurity, especially in its most dangerous forms such as housing and food insecurity, can lead individuals into a downward spiral of stress and chaos. Finding yourself in a vortex of increasing...

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Join Defynance At The TELUS CSW Accelerator Demo Day!
This week marks the end of Defynance’s participation in the AlchemistX TELUS Community Safety and Wellness (CSW)

 Accelerator program! The program wraps with an exciting Demo Day. We’d love it if you joined us to watch 20 incredibly impactful startups present their companies and their offer...

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10 of the Most Inspiring Quotes - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Equality and justice were the pillars on which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. built the foundation of the civil rights movement that he led.

Dr. King strongly believed in social justice. He inspired millions of Americans to fight for their rights and others to stand with them.

 Inspired by Mahatma Ga...

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Tips to balance college and work

Balancing a job and college can be quite difficult. Whether you have a full-time job and are taking class on the side or you're a full-time student trying to make some extra cash every week, finding the right balance is tough. The good news is that the rules to succeed are similar for both cases. A...

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The Benefits of Working From Home
For the past year, many of us have transitioned to a remote role as the pandemic , myself included. And while the change took some adjusting to get used to it, many companies seem to making it more of a permanent feature. And there are benefits for both workers and employers. While employers can sa...
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Are you at risk of an eviction?

A lot of people are struggling as the virus continues to force temporary and permanent closures of many places of work. Only a couple of weeks ago, ​1.5 million Americans​ filed for unemployment. In May, unemployment rose to an ​estimated 16%​; inching closer to the unemployment records of the...

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How income inequality disproportionately affects black Americans

In the past month, many issues affecting black Americans have come to light. One that is especially troubling is the reality of income inequality in America. Though we have made some improvements in terms of representation, the structures are designed in a way that discourages overcoming ...

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The HEROES Act. What you need to know about your student loans

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act and now it's up to the Senate to push the bill further along. This bill would provide over ​$3 Trillion​ in relief, including some much needed student loan relief, hopefully. The bill looks to send more stimulus checks and expa...

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What to do with all your free time

With most people locked inside on a stay at home order, many people are finding themselves going crazy with all their free time. We're discovering that cabin fever isn't made up and we're just waiting for this nightmare to end. However, the best (and hardest) thing to do during this time ...

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Quarantine Activities to Help You Make the Most of Social Distancing

With fears of coronavirus rising and no end in sight, things are starting to look scary. Grocery stores are running out of ​toilet paper​ and we're being asked to start social distancing, a term you've probably never heard of before. Essentially, social distancing means keeping your distance from o...

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